Facts And Fables About Your Hair

Facts and fables about your hair that are fun to know. There are always a lot of nonsense stories around her. For example " grow your hair through when you are dead " or "if you cut your hair more often than it grows faster". Which stories are fact and which stories are fable? I would like to give you a little more explanation. Are you interested in how you can best wash your hair? Then also read the article wash your hair with cold or warm water.

If you often wash your hair, you become bald faster:

Myth:  This is absolutely not true! Everyone loses between 40-100 hairs per day and hereby it really does not matter if you wash your hair once a day or once a week. It is true that it is better for your hair and scalp not to wash your hair every day.

If you cut your hair often, it grows faster and fuller back:

Myth:   Your hair always grows quickly and this is about 1.5 cm per month. It does not matter whether you cut the hair or allow it to grow. It is true that if you do not often cut your hair, your points will split and become thinner. If your hair is cut again, then the ugly points are gone so that your hair looks fuller.

From smoking you will become gray:

Fact:  This is indeed a fact. Various studies have shown that the chance of getting gray in smokers is 4 times greater than in non-smokers. A good reason for me to stop smoking seems to me.

It is best to wash your hair with shampoo every day:

Myth:  As I have hinted at a little bit, it is not right for your scalp and hair to wash your hair every day. If you wash your hair every day, you activate the sebum production of your scalp, which will make your hair look greasy. If you use a lot of styling products, you have to make sure that you use a good quality shampoo and possibly a conditioner. You can advise your hairdresser/barber or good chemist.  

From stress your hair falls out faster: 

Fact / Fable: Not everyone falls off when you have (a lot of) stress, but it can be that you get more hair loss if you have (a lot of) stress. With (a lot of) stress more adrenaline is created in the body. Normally this is broken down in your body but because the blood circulation in your scalp is weak, the adrenaline can be less easily broken down. When the adrenaline comes into contact with your sebaceous glands in the scalp, lactic acid is produced. Lactic acid is bad for the scalp and hair growth. When the lactic acid enters the hair root, the root sheath is affected and this causes your hair to loosen or block the growth of new hair.

Your hair grows when you are dead:

Myth:  Your hair does not grow when you are dead. When you are dead, all processes stop in your body, including the growth of hair and nails. Hair grows through cell division in the hair follicle and this cell division will stop when you are dead.

Your hair lives:

Myth:  To be honest, I always have to laugh about this fable. If you were to live her, then cutting your hair would be very much and then, as a hairdresser, you should first give an anesthetic to the pain before we cut. The only living part of your hair is in your hair follicle, the part that comes out is dead!

You only inherit baldness from your father's side:

Myth: This is not true either. Baldness can be inherited from both parents. It is therefore not only important to look at your father's side, but also at your mother's side.

Men with brown hair have more hair than men with blond hair:

Fable: Maybe this surprises you, but there is indeed a difference in the amount of hair with a certain hair color. Now it is true that men with brown hair have less hair than men with blond hair. Black-haired and brown-haired people have about 100,000 hairs on their heads while the blond hair has about 140,000. The redhead are the least fortunate with about 85,000

With everyone the hair is equally long:

Myth:  This is also a fable. In addition to the color and structure of your hair, the length that your hair can reach is hereditary and this varies per person.  Certainly for women who really want to have long hair, this can be very frustrating.