Beard Care: Grow Your Beard

A good beard care starts with the right knowledge. I would like to give you tips on how you can best take care of your beard. The most important thing for a beautiful beard is a good relationship with your barber! A good beard actually starts with a good model. For this you go to the barber, he can tell you everything about the right products and the maintenance of your beard.

Most men decide to leave a beard one day, but after a while they learn that you also have to care for the beard. So it is actually important that before you grow a beard, you try to imagine what kind of beard you would like to have. If you want more beard inspiration check the article " beard trends 2018 "

To grow your beard you have to do what you always do ... except shave! Tricks to grow your beard faster do not make much difference. The speed with which your beard grows and how full this is hereditary determines. Something that is important to know before you start, is that after a couple of days you will suffer from itching. Then we are not talking about just itching but really itching! You will also have to go through this. Do you want to know more about what you can do against an itchy beard? Then check the article "an itchy beard is very annoying! B4men gives tips "

Beard care: care of your beard

Good beard care products are very important. Many men now know that they are important but often have no idea why and how you use them. First of all, it is important to keep your beard clean. So wash your beard regularly. Use a (beard) shampoo and possibly a conditioner. Then comes the beard oil. Beard oil you have in many different types and sizes. Personal preference quickly determines which you will use. Beard oil is meant for men with beards and has therefore received that name, but he is especially important for the skin under the beard. Make sure you apply the oil on the skin. You do not model a beard with beard oil but with a balm. As the beard grows bigger and longer, it will also become more unruly sooner. You go against the peaking and plucking of the beard hairs with a balm or beard wax. I must honestly say that I usually use a bit of my hair styling product. When I have done my hair, I then apply what I still have on my hands through my beard. Do you have a big and long (er) beard then the article "beard care big beard "also useful to read. Here I explain how you can best care for a big beard.

Beard trends

Beard trends are always pretty sensitive to beard wearers. Yet you can not deny that there are indeed beard trends. I have completely taken care of my beard in early January 2018. This to the great frustration of Marie Louise and the children. My beard almost went off and I left my mustache. Meanwhile, my beard has become bigger and fuller again. I recently also wrote that I notice that many men go again for a big but tight beard. In the meantime it is only true that the beard itself is no longer a trend. Someone who now wants to leave his beard is really doing this because he wants to, and if you already have a beard, you will not get rid of it too quickly. It will be a part of who you are!

Everyone knows it, you get up and you do not really want to put a product in your hair. That's why today I give tips on which men's hairstyles you can wear without a styling product. Some hairstyles work better than others. There are also many products on the market today that can give you the appearance that you have nothing in your hair.

Hairstyles without styling product

Naturally, it will not be strange for anyone that a very short summer haircut does not need a product. The shorter your hair the easier your hairstyle. Now you can wear a men's hairstyle to an inch or 6 without styling products. Which is it important that it should be well cut or maybe cut. Sometimes her needs more volume to carry it without a product. This can be created in your men's hairstyle by cutting the model. However, this does not work with every hair! So a good consultation with your hairdresser/barber is important. If you want a longer men's hairstyle that you can wear without a product, the model is even more important. Tell your wishes well and take a picture so that you both have a good picture of the hairstyle you want.