Our Company is dedicated to the advancement of its trainees as people and to supporting their apprenticeship as theatre artists. The department cultivates imagination, cooperation, discipline, and creative development in its trainees. It welcomes the theatre as a method of imaginative expression, cultural understanding, social advancement, and historic viewpoint. We train trainees in the art of theatre, voice, motion, scene research study, and style as well as teach the historic and literary context of the theatre as a humanist and liberal art. All trainees are exposed to the variety of multicultural theatre.

The department makes every effort to establish, distribute, and protect understanding. This understanding consists of the capability to comprehend the theatre arts, to value them, and to produce masterpieces that improve the human condition.

Our Company is essential to the Theatre Arts Department. It establishes theatre artists trained in the customs of African American theatre and adds to the multi-cultural arts motion. Our Company consists of 2 Main phase productions a season, social work, touring, and 8 courses for graduate and undergraduate trainees.