6 Tips To Grow Beard Faster

7 tips to get you faster beard to grow. Not everyone is blessed with full beard growth. Growing your beard requires time and patience. Unfortunately, most patience is not their strongest side. The density of your beard hair depends on your age and is also genetically determined. I must honestly say that I do not believe in remedies to grow your beard faster. The tips below do not necessarily mean that your beard will grow faster. They ensure that your beard is and remains in optimal condition. This makes your beard seem longer and fuller.


To make your beard grow faster it is important that you get enough sleep. Experience as little stress as possible. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy. What can also help is to follow a diet with as much protein as possible? The most important thing is that you have as little stress as possible. A lot of stress is not only bad for your beard growth, it can even cause hair loss. Also make sure you eat healthy. In healthy food are many vitamins and minerals that ensure that the hair grows in good health.


If you want to grow your beard, then the expectations can sometimes be unreasonable. You have to count a minimum of a few days for a beginners beard and a few weeks before a beard really comes. The beard will also start to itch after a few days. Here you will have to put your choice together. Do you want more information about what to do against an itchy beard? Then read the article: An itchy beard is very annoying! B4men gives tips . Not everyone is blessed with a beautiful full beard growth. For example, I have quite a lot of bare spots in my beard and my beard does not get nicely long either. If you have the same problem as me, keep your beard short. Preferably a short but full beard than a long, flabby beard.


Make use of the facial hair that you have. Because your beard growth is not yet where you want it, it does not mean that you do not have to and can not do anything with it. Make sure you keep it in good shape. Trim your beard growth with a good trimmer. Therefore invest in a good trimmer. You use a trimmer both for a short and a longer beard growth. It is also very important that you keep the contours tight. If your contours are tight, your beard immediately looks a lot fuller and longer. Do you want to know how you can keep track of your contours at home? read the article: Shaving with a safety razor: also work out your contours with this razor + video explanation.


Once your beard has reached the desired length, make sure you keep your beard in good condition. Wash your beard regularly with a beard shampoo and preferably apply a small amount of beard oil every day. Massage the beard oil well over the skin under the beard. Healthy skin = a healthy beard.


Obviously very obvious but visit your barber regularly. Your barber can help you keep your beard in good shape. In addition, he/she can also help you with questions as well as the purchase of good products for your beard. Do not hesitate to ask questions to your barber, he/she will gladly answer this.


It may sound crazy, but the shorter your hair the longer your beard can sometimes seem. Take a good look at the pictures below. They are all pictures of customers with me in the barbershop and no models of photos that have been edited.

Hairstyles for men with a product that looks like nothing is in it

Whahaha sorry, that title sounds really weird. Yet there is really what I mean! There are now more and more products on the market that make your hair look like there is no product in your hair. This is ideal for men who want to keep their hair under control. Products that I recommend are a paste, clay and something you now see a lot is sea salt spray. Especially the latter is really general !! Sprinkling a bit over your hair and you have control and yet the appearance as if there is nothing in your hair. You do not only see it but it also feels like there is not in your hair.